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About Hawthorne

In this character-driven medical drama told from the nurses' point of view, Christina Hawthorne is the forceful-yet-caring, Chief Nursing Officer heading a group of nurses at Richmond Trinity Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. She is very passionate about her work and is always advocating of her patients and her staff, even when it threatens her job.

When a patient's care is at risk, she will not hesitate to violate hospital protocol, defend her staff against egotistical doctors or firmly stand up to apathetic administrators who seem to have forgotten a hospital's true purpose.

While embedding herself into the new work atmosphere, she must also deal with a new relationship that has formed between her and Tom. She deals with the fact that he wants a commitment now and she is still unsure if she can adjust to becoming close with someone else having been recently widowed. She also has to take on her equally important role as a mother to a willful, rebellious teenage daughter.

As a single mother and the Chief Nursing Officer at Richmond Trinity, Christina Hawthorne makes care-taking her life's work.


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