My Boys

About My Boys

Sportswriter and sports fan P.J. Franklin (Jordana Spiro) has a no-nonsense approach to dating that can be troubling for her potential suitors. While pal Stephanie Layne (Kellee Stewart) presses her to be more feminine, P.J. can’t easily shed her tomboy skin, especially with extra-curricular duties that include hosting a weekly poker game and managing her friends’ baseball team. With an inner circle that includes her henpecked brother Andy (Jim Gaffigan), Chicago Cubs exec Mike Callahan (Jamie Kaler), sports memorabilia maven Kenny Moritorri (Michael Bunin) and radio DJ Brendan Dorff (Reid Scott), P.J. is living large in a man’s world. But in her quest to define herself in a man’s world, this young woman learns it doesn’t always pay to be one of the boys! Still, P.J. refuses to compromise her principles and is always ready to give it her best shot.


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