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Russia House

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Sean Connery and Michelle Pfieffer ignite the screen in this wonderful adaptation of John Le Carre's suspenseful novel.

Bartholomew “Barley” Scott Blair (Sean Connery) is a lonely, middle aged, hard-drinking, London publisher who has a love for all things Russian. While in Russia, Barley comes to the attention of Dante (Klaus Maria Brandauer) a daring Russian scientist, who attempts to send him a manuscript disclosing the secrets of the Russian military, which, if published in the West could alter the global balance of power. However, the manuscript falls into the hands of British intelligence and they coerce Barley into travelling to the Soviet Union to find out the identity of the manuscript's author and the validity of the secret military codes.

Reluctantly, Barley goes to the cold landscape, hoping to complete his mission and leave as soon as possible. But his contact turns out to be Katya Orlova (Michelle Pfieffer) a sensitive and beautiful Russian editor with whom Blair soon falls deeply in love. Realizing she is an unwitting pawn in a deadly game, he does everything he can to protect her and his empty life is once again filled with meaning. Set against the vivid backdrop of Russia's most beautiful cities, this thriller explores the tension filled years during and after Glasnost as Russia struggled to gain power and shed its previous political reputation. The Russia House features a fine ensemble cast including: director Ken Russell, Roy Scheider and James Fox.


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