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Wednesday, 3 Sep23:0020 minA Gay/december RomanceSeason 6Episode 12
Wednesday, 3 Sep23:3020 minIce Cream BallsSeason 6Episode 13
Thursday, 4 Sep23:0019 minLooking For Mr. Good EnoughSeason 6Episode 14
Thursday, 4 Sep23:3020 minFlip-flop Part 1Season 6Episode 15
Friday, 5 Sep03:0020 minFlip-flop Part 1Season 6Episode 15
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About Will & Grace

More than friends but less than lovers, Will and Grace are best pals whose personalities usually balance each other's. Combine Will's flamboyantly gay friend, Jack, with Grace's sarcastic and often drunk assistant, Karen, and ridiculous conflicts are inevitable in this Emmy Award-winning hit comedy that tests the true meaning of friendship.

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